View Full Version : Flags & Penalties off, but still activated

30-07-2015, 19:24
Hey guys,

I got a feeling this is a silly question, but I am probably missing something. First a bit of context: So I started with Endurance races at career mode, which is fun except for one thing: flags and penalties. The flags are meaningless anyway since the AI does not follow them and the AI is immune for penalties. However, the player can get screwed and penalized for missing a breaking point which is interpreted as "cutting the track". Since I did not get any advantage by breaking too late and got once disqualified this way, I found this nonsense.

So I disabled the Flags & Penalties in the gameplay options and restarted the race. After a while I got again a warning for cutting the track (read: I got outside of the track by sloppy driving and gaining no position or time advantage what so ever). How the heck is this possible since I turned it off? :confused:

Thanks in advance!

30-07-2015, 19:32
I'm not sure since I've not come across this bug[?] before but maybe disabling penalties only turns off drive through penalties.

Maybe somebody else can clarify.

30-07-2015, 20:53

I am really curious indeed. The flags are surely disabled, but I still get the "cut track" penalty.

However, I just finished an endurance race and it was a close race. I should be #1 but the #2 made a pit stop in the last lap and won the race. Sometimes...this game drives me completely crazy with all those bugs. :sour: