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Chunsey Wang
01-08-2015, 09:39
So I was 78 laps into a 200 lap race at spa in the race weekend and was disqualified for track cutting,I was aware of the warnings I had been given but 2 of the times was due to small collisions with traffic and just missing the corner,they was just raceing incidents and i was then disqualified.

So my question is,will we get stop and go or drive thru penalties at somepoint? as disqualification after 3 warnings is way too harsh in my opinion

Mr Akina
01-08-2015, 09:51
It is harsh and unrealistic, but I can't see them implementing stop/go penalties.

01-08-2015, 10:02
I guess some of the penalties given are very dependent on the rules of the motorsport they are mimicking other than that I do think the penalty system needs a big overhaul generally.

Chunsey Wang
01-08-2015, 10:16
I just don't understand why they was never there from the start,u see penalties a lot through most motor racing and more so in endurance racing,I don't expect them just to implement everything that's mentioned by fans etc but this,like has been said does need a massive overhaul,it was in gtr 10 years ago and was more surprised than anything to see it wasn't in project cars especially with it being the most advanced sim I've played to date,this basically ruins race weekend for me now cos thers no point doing long races as the chances are high I'll just get disqualified,

By far project cars is my favourite game and I'm not whining I just want to know if the game is going in the right direction because to me this is a big annoyance

All the best

01-08-2015, 12:43
Yeah this one in particular is a little over the top in my opinion as well. Sometimes I don't even hear the first one. For longer races it makes it extremely difficult.

02-08-2015, 06:53
Or if they can't/don't want to implement a different penalty system for whatever reason, maybe make the DQ count a ratio to total laps or time? 5 lap race, 2 penalties and you're out. 15 laps, 3 or 4 penalties, 100 laps, 10-15 penalties. Shouldn't be too hard to insert a function in place of the current constant value.

04-10-2015, 16:17
This disqualification rule need a bit of overhaul, or at least there must be a way to identify if a driver is going straight to the cut or simply the car is out of control. Even a different penalty should be considered. I was in the 25 Panorama madness, 14 hrs already in my belt. I was on cold tires so in the long backstretch I overshoot, could not stop.... there you go disqualified because the car just stopped down the track... man! I could even afford a stop and go. Totally frustrating!!!

04-10-2015, 23:11
Mimicking real life in this situation may not be best practice, I can't believe in real life you would just be DQed for going outside track limits too often, more likely a pit lane drive thru would be implemented.

Surely this would be best and easiest to apply, just like doing a drive thru for jumping the start.

As this game is capable of long endurance races, this needs to be looked at. Otherwise doing a long race, as the OP was doing, and being DQed investing so much time, when the infraction may be because of an incident caused by someone else and not your fault, is just not right. Getting a drive thru may not solve such an issue, but at least you can keep racing and getting enjoyment from this great game.

04-10-2015, 23:21
Especially on Endurance, multiclass racing. Try running Road America on anything but LMP1, and count how many times the LMP1 AI's use your car as a banking post at turn 3 at the bottom of the hill, launching you into the sand trap, or the GT4 drivers being blue-colorblind and battling the LMP1/2 drivers from 4-10 laps back. Penalties are impossible to deal with in Endurance career, even running shortened duration races.

Chunsey Wang
05-10-2015, 10:54
Its best just to turn flag rules off if your in career or race weekend

29-10-2015, 08:23
Just to revive an old thread..

I was just doing the ruf supercup round at azure.
Lap 26 of 42, I spin in an awkwardly narrow section left pointing in the wrong direction. I try to do a flick spin (away from the racing line). An ai car that was a lap down manages to drive straight into my door and I get disqualified.

In the real world, assuming that the cars didn't get wrecked in the collision, that wouldn't get looked at twice. Or if it was found that it was done in a dangerous manner it would be a drive through at very most.

In my years officiating I've only ever seen 3 dqs, all being technical infringement. Even drivers that get out of their cars and punch on in the middle of track don't get disqualified, they just get suspended after the race.

I don't understand why a sim even has it?
Is there some kind of limitation?

Just why?

Dynomight Motorsports
30-10-2015, 21:47
If you watch F1 about half the field would be DQ'ed running over track limits.. yet everyone finishes. I understand when racing online People take advantage of what ever they can, but really? SMS needs to loosen the noose on these Track Limits and quit DQ'ing people. The time penalties are really harsh as well and can't seem to differentiate between accidental, contact caused, or intentional.
I had several penalties at Donnington GP while suffering brake fade the rear was coming around on me getting into turn 4 I believe causing me to miss the apex a few times and cut the corner while not gaining any time taking time penalty after time penalty Like Kicking you when you are down.

02-11-2015, 23:07
After becoming fed up of the AI's stupid and dirty manoeuvres I have done some testing by following their race line on some tracks 2 times each, one time in the LMP3 Caterham and one in the BMW 320 Touting car.

Imola dq after one lap. chicanes were cut, last chicane AI goes far wide off track
Bugatti 1 warning every lap at the mid track s corner exit.
Zolder 2 warnings in 1st lap, dq in 2nd. AI cuts chicanes and goes off at the right side at the little s at the straight in front of the pits.(not the left turn s, the one a bit earlier)

Not included is corner cutting when the AI is overtaking as well as their attitude to try to overtake by going off track on the grass without slowing down, sliding or even spinning off. AI also does not want to notice you, rams you in mid corner or when coming back on track after cutting corners.

What are the blue flags for in this game? Definitely not for letting the car behind you pass. At least this rule does not exist for the AI.

Another annoying point are the penalties that someone receives for being shot into the off, for going off track while spinning off and other scenarios without gaining an advantage.

Is there an improvement in sight?

08-11-2015, 12:00
Just happened to me in career mode, 22 laps into a 35 lap race, I spun when the weather changed and grip went cold. I was still stationary when 2nd place T-boned me, DISQUALIFIED.

Seriously? Really?

Please just keep 'disqualified' out of single player period. I think I'm going to try and turn flag rules off from now on, this has happened to me several times.

Invaliding the lap time is fine. Disqualification isn't. Certainly not unless the cut track and AI collision triggers are fixed.

Add as many harsh penalties to multi-player, but the AI are not good enough or clean enough for these penalties in single player, career mode.