View Full Version : Saturday morning procedure now the norm,race planning,

01-08-2015, 10:26
Not the normal Saturday morning procedure for must of us,but now project cars has entered the household,I now over a cup of tea plan out my next couple of hours racing,
I can't just turn it on it and think...mmmm what shall we do today,that's boring,
Do many others on here plan there racers ahead like I do,I can't plan further than that because family commitments could intervene,
boring as it might seem to others,my 2 favourite tracks are imola and monza,...which I confess to race nearly all the time,
Here goes,all 20 laps each race,all on 100% difficulty,
IMOLA ,MCLAREN GT1...mixed grid ,start from rear of grid,
MONZA,MERCEDES GT1,mixed grid start from rear,
IMOLA,F1 ,mixed grid qualify,
MONZA,F1,mixed grid qualify,
MONZA,MCLAREN GT1,evening into night time ,qualify,
I now race mixed grid because 40 cars on the grid is so cool,all the classes are so cool to see in one race,
My life isn't regimental,just like sorting out my weekly challenge,then after all this,crack open the beers with a barbie,what a perfect summers day,