View Full Version : AI balancing issue or just bad driving/tuning?

01-08-2015, 11:55

just had some qualifying laps on Watkins Glen with 80% AI.

I tweaked the Mercedes AMG C-Coupé DTM for speed by tuning as follows

Tires: Yiro venio race plus (btw. DTM uses Hankook Tires only, see: http://www.dtm.com/en/regulations/technical-regulations , see: tyres)
Break Cooling Chambers: 20 (for less aero resistance)
Rear tires 1,77 bar (lowered for rear traction even with low rear spoiler setting)
Spoiler front 3 (as low as possible for less aero resistance)
Spoiler Back 6 (as low as possible for less aero resistance)
steering rate: 30,8 (otherwise I won't be able to take turns with realistic wheel turn degree (< 180°))
chassis clearance: near to minimum (for less aero resistance)
Cooler 20 (for less aero resistance)
Gearbox: max accell. (self explaining)
Fuel 20 (less weight -> more speed)
(Force Feedback settings are set using Jack Spades List)

So with this settings I could really push hard after about 30 laps of practice...at least I thought this until I saw my qualifying position.
Trying the same with 70% instead of 80% AI didn't change much.

I'm currently not sure where the problem is..car setup, driving technique or AI balancing or just a combination of all.
Here is the video of one lap which I found acceptable driving for advanced beginner.


Resulting position was #14 of 21

Could some skilled pcars driver and/or car engineer who is able to win a race with 80% AI on Watkins Glen have a look at my driving and setup, please?

Is it normal/usual that steering rate needs to be so high as 30,8 to be able to get turns or is that alreay an evidence of a bad tuning setting?
I experienced that also with the McLaren F1 GTR that wouldn't get the turns on even quite slight turns without steering rate set nearly to the max.

Would appreciate some specific constructive hints because I'm stuck here.

Roger Prynne
01-08-2015, 13:04
Just try turning down the AI a bit.

One thing I have noticed in that video is the gear display is all over the place.

03-08-2015, 18:09
Just try turning down the AI a bit.

Yes, as mentioned I set AI from 80 to 70 but that didn't change much...to be honest I didn't notice a difference.
Ai doesn't make a single mistake..all perfect..I even can't beat them with perfect laps..so I slightly suspect they have "skilled tuning engineers" or fraudulent tuning possibilities :eek: as they drive like on rails apparently without the aero resistance that would normally result in...though maybe I'm just a bloody noob driver..

In contrast to that unbeatable AI the rookie events of the career are too easy at 70%..I get 30sesonds distance to the runner up which destroys any challenge.

Anyone here who can discover faults in the tuning or driving?

P.S. In the meantime I will work on my driving skills by: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?28168-Develop-Your-Skills-Safe-is-Fast :cool:

TheReaper GT
03-08-2015, 18:16
You have to use drs in every single piece of straight. Including the second one, where you have to close it manually before the up turn. The up S you should be able to make flat out.

03-08-2015, 19:12
You have to use drs in every single piece of straight. Including the second one, where you have to close it manually before the up turn. The up S you should be able to make flat out.

:disillusionment: WOW...I thought about DRS (albeit by another term) multiple times but didn't even know it's simulated in pcars..I totally missed that feature..may be because it's not assigned to a control by default.

Thanks for that great hint :D ..I'm really looking forward to test it when there is some time..

P.S. Just found a nice short explanation of kers & drs: http://steamcommunity.com/app/234630/discussions/0/613957600529301135/?l=german

03-08-2015, 20:09
Yeah try and keep the Ai at 70+, I find they become dramatically less competitive at 60 or below- just my experience

07-08-2015, 17:44
Tried the DRS..btw. with just 70% AI..and by practicing a bit I got pole position on qualify and on the race :)
So I think it's time to raise the AI to 80% again. :o

Btw. hoping for a patch where AI Level can be tuned in 1% or 5% steps or is it another thing I missed?

TheReaper GT
07-08-2015, 17:46
It's coming