View Full Version : A few issues (Random Penalty, a DQ, and corner cut craze)

Motorhead Racer
01-08-2015, 13:28
Had enough of the crappy excuses for the penalty system in this game, its f***ed up and always gets the wrong guy...

Today I ws racing spa, managed to get pole.. wahoo... from there it was downhill!
sitting on the grid I noticed a orange mclaren rolling forwards, and it makes contact with the back of my car, all before the light is green, just before it goes green all cars are jumping around like anything, and suddenly I have a drive through before the race even starts...
Not being a quitter, I carried on, served my drive through and proceeded to race....

Some idiot parks their car on Eau Rouge, first time through I missed, second time, I hit him, and I am DQ'd so now have a black mark on my driver record, I want it removed!

Why is it so damn hard to get right? I mean some other game, while they dont work brilliantly work so much better than this!

Another time I am apparently the only one who didnt get a penalty.. wahey free race win right? NOPE, some dude decides it wasnt a bug but infact me, hacking, so takes me out and rams me repeatedly!

And then there is the new corner cuts.....
oh my god, did someone go full retard on this? Hear me out...

Corner cutting by rule should mean ALL four wheels off the track, track usually being marked between the two white lines on the track, not rocket science right?
Then why is the second to last chicane, so badly mapped, that I am getting corner cut on the second part, with two wheels clearly still on the track?
And then there was the race at Imola, the chicane at the top of the hill, before the final two corners, if you hit that curb too hard, it can make you take the turn a little tight or spin out, take it too tight and be on the left a little too much immediately AFTER the corner, and all four wheels on the track, you get a penalty..
But its worse than this, it is so inconsistant, one track you may get away with more than others, so you never really know just how much you can attack a corner and its curbs before a penalty comes in, and this is all before you get some smart ass deciding to hit you in such a way you end up cutting the corner, surely there is a better way? please?!

I love this game, but time and time again I am left frustrated with the attitude of some players, and some of these issues, I play a lot, online, I always try and race clean, and today with the DQ and being accused of hacking, just had destroyed it for me