View Full Version : Gineta GT4 - Cold tyres after several laps

Gaetan Delaporte
01-08-2015, 18:40
Hello guys,

It seems for me that my tyres always end up cold during a race. I start with warm tyres, and I always end up with tyres at 45-50 after 4-5 laps.
The car starts to be less controlable and I cannot compete with the AI anymore :( (I'm playing at 90% difficulty).

I did not have this issue with the GT5 Ginetta. And I'm not sure I had this issue before the last patch.

I also tried yesterday with the RUF GT3 and the tyres went colder quite quickly too. Maybe not that low but still around 55-60 which is not that much.

I'm playing on PC with a G27. I'm wondering if something was changed to try to correct the overheating issue a lot of people had...

Any thoughts? If you have any example of track/car/setting you want me to try I can do it.
I can post then a pCARS Profiler recording.