View Full Version : Car Classes in MP Mode

01-08-2015, 19:04
Just noticed the McLaren F1 GTR that is classed a GT car, being a GT1 car from Le Mans 1995-1997, but in MP Mode it is pushed into the "Prototype".

02-08-2015, 02:17
I'd like to see the choice of sub-classes like GT1 or LMP2 or group 4/5 etc...

The Long Tail is too fast to run in GT class in MP and too slow in Prototypes. There's a GT1x class already in the game (Zonda R, RuF CTR3) already so maybe it should be in there instead?

02-08-2015, 04:35
Yes, there needs to be more specific classifications for online. I experienced the consequences of someone using this loophole the other day. Me and a friend started an online session with formula b cars. A third guy joins, and guess what - the turd bucket switches to a formula a just in time for race start.

02-08-2015, 04:38
Turd bucket indeed!

When someone does such a thing it doesn't bother me - if he doesn't have the guts to go the same class car chances are he's not good enough to drive the faster thing anyway and I'll still beat him. Then he will rage quit.

Being 1-make, the formula cars are ok to just select "opponents identical car" option and force everyone to run Formula B. With classes with multiple cars eg LMP 1+2 I don't want to lock it so there's a variety of cars on track.