View Full Version : Bug report*2 - Rendering & crash -Oculus DK2

01-08-2015, 19:40
SInce I got the latest 353.62 NVidia driver my performance has gone through the roof. I'm now able to run all settings except shadows on ultra with 30-40 cars and no shadows.

SO I've been playing with other settings to imporove it even more, and I believe found an issue with in game AA on the DK2 (it doesn't happen on 2D) with all settings max and 30 cars on the start at Monza my GPU is running at about 63% and 75FPS, with in game AA on MSAA, if I turn in game AA to off (SMAA and texture filtering still maxed) GPU use drops to 39%!!!! MSAA shouldn't be using that much. Now i'm running in game AA off and Nvdia 32* (32*CSAA) 8*SGSS all other AA settings on and Ambient occlusion also enabled. That's a lot of AA, that brings my GPU to a total of 44-45%, therefore all of those settings combined cost me 6%, MSAA on its own in game costs me 24% and that is about when the cars runs out of steam, but only with the DK2.

Second bug is now when I try and run in rain I get a crash followed by an unhandled exception. DBG files attached.

Edit, this runs fine on both 4k screen and triple screen with no issues, so the bug/crash is restricted to the DK2, beginning to think these drivers are an absolute bag of....... They are 15% or so quicker than the previous ones, but very heavy on CPU and not interacting well with P Cars.

01-08-2015, 19:55
I see this last crash was a known issue fixed in build 704 of the beta, it's back :) repeatable on Monza and Le Mans, not tried anywhere else.

01-08-2015, 20:13
Nice detective work there Trevor; good to have someone staying on top of the DK2 issues.

If only Oculus could sort out the Win10 problems now.

01-08-2015, 20:44
Nice detective work there Trevor; good to have someone staying on top of the DK2 issues.

If only Oculus could sort out the Win10 problems now.


Please give it a try to confirm, Just turn anti-aliasing off and see what happens to your performance, not sure if it's only the latest driver or.......I actually prefer the in-game AA I think, the Nvidia is a bit sharp and flickery, but it's still pretty awesome at that high setting:)

09-08-2015, 21:04
Please ignore these two bugs, utter bollocks, the low resolution of the rift has misled me:) while playing with my triple screen setup, the Nvidia AA had a t least as big a hit on the GPU as MSAA or any of the other in game AA options. SO I had another play with the rift. What is actually happening is that the Rift rendering completely ignores ANY Nvidia AA settings, whatever the Inspector options are set to. SO of course I was playing with zero AA as you would expect that gave great performance.

Now whether that is a bug or by design, and SMS or more likely Oculus I have no idea, I know it ignores DSR so probably related to that.