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02-08-2015, 23:04
Hi there

About two years ago I had the Fanatec CSR elite wheel and pedals but sold that when I took a break. I only got back into sim racing now when pCARS came out, but I wanted to get back into it a bit "easier" (money-wise), so I got myself the Playseat Challenge and the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458. The seat is good enough, and actually I'm also very satisfied with the performance of the wheel. But, there's two things that I'm not satisfied with:
1) While the wheel has good FFB, it looks and feels too toyish for me, especially with that cheap Ferrari symbol on it. Don't like that really
2) The pedals look and feel super cheap

So I want to get a new wheel and new pedals, and I hope you can help me out with these questions:
1) As I was very satisfied with everything on the CSR Elite wheel, I thought maybe I get it again but used (they seem to no longer sell it on the website, only the normal CSR). I saw one for 80 Euro. But I wonder about compatibility with these new wheel bases from Fanatec. Is this wheel compatible with the Clubsport Wheelbase V1 / V1.5 / V2? I can't remember anymore what wheelbase it came with. Or do I need some older "CSR" wheelbase?
2) If 1) was an option, should I do it? Or is this new V2 wheelbase and the newer wheels so much better?
3) About pedals: I don'T need a clutch, wouldn't really need a load cell brake either, but just a overall well crafted and not so cheap looking brake+gas pedals would be nice. But it seems there is nothing like that, the better pedals always come with a clutch too? Unrelated to this, what pedals do you recommend?


02-08-2015, 23:44
Don't hold me to this but I believe that the csr and the csr elite are full set ups. The club sport wheelbase is just the motors you need to buy a rim too, making this a very expensive option. If you defiantly wanted a fanetec wheel the cheaper options are the csr or Porsche options. Other than that you have the tm wheels which cover the medium price ranges with good ffb and not so good quality. Finally there is Logitech which are cheaper again with good quality good ffb not excelling in anything apart from reliability really. Pedal wise the Logitech ones a good, fanetec the best (csr elite /clubsport) only tm ones that seem to get good reviews are the ones that come with the t500 not sure on compatibility among all the pedals though.

03-08-2015, 01:32
My Fanatec Porsche GT2 wheel is a nice piece. The CSR is a niece wheel also, I've had 2 of them. They have a nice gritty feel on FFB, like you can feel more of the road surface than any wheel I've ever had. The standard CSR Fanatec pedals come with a clutch, but I hardly ever use it. I like the way they feel, not too stiff and good and sturdy. I don't use my Clubsport pedals anymore since they are really tough on the feet after a while.

03-08-2015, 08:03
Thanks guys. The TM Porsche wheel is not an option for me unfortunately because It has this same kind of branding than the TX wheel, just Porsche instead of Ferrari. I don't like this kind of branding. That's the reason I want to exchange the TX wheel, the FFB and all is pretty good, but I don't like the looks. About Logitech, I had the G27 and was very disappointed. FFB deadzone in the center, and insane amount of clipping with a brutal cracking sound on harder steering. I never want a gear-driven wheel again. The pedals however were nice, but they don't sell them seperately in the store. I guess I will try to find some used G27 pedals and a used CSR elite complete with wheelbase. Or if this won't work, then just a complete used CSR elite wheel + pedals set. I hope I find it, because I don't really want to spend 1000 € for a new clubsport

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03-08-2015, 10:32
Why dont you just change the wheel itself? You could but the gte wheel, about 80, and theres a newer leather one but its 140 ish.

Also there are adapters out there to fit real wheels to the tx

03-08-2015, 14:41
@TAGS so I could just get a different rim for the TX wheel base? Can you give me a link to these please? thanks!

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03-08-2015, 15:12

This is the U.K shop, i dont know where you live so you might have to search for a different branch but the various wheels they sell are all here.

Alternatively though you could opt for a DSD adapter (Derek speare designs) which is basically a copy of the screw on adapter on the back of your wheel with a solid base and 6 holes to fit ANY aftermarket real wheel with a 70mm hexagonal bolt fixing.

This is what ive gone for, but it hasnt arrived yet, i went for a generic suede wheel off ebay that was cheap. Obviously it has no buttons but since patch 2.0 you can use the controller at the same time to pause, change view and everything else

My wheel


Afterwards i plan on making a custom one with a separate adapter that allows the use of paddles and buttons but thats more expensive