View Full Version : Learn from other multiplayer simraces (like live for speed an others)

03-08-2015, 09:13
for instance, Live for speed have:

- easily sharing setups in multiplayer game.
- saveable setups which can be with ease loaded and tried in game on other tracks
- server bot control to detect rammers etc.
- nice and well defined leaderboard control (lfsworld.net)
- workable kick or ban feature.
- well defined multiplayer game list, where more active options are shown.

and this game have over the years only been developed by 4 people or so + serverbot makers.

I think it was Race01 which has "near car detection" saw it in a video, which also would be a great feature to have even though its not realistic, but would help alot in multiplayer mode, to avoid crashes in starts etc.

just saying, because if these things were fix'd it would be a close to perfect multiplayer simgame.

If some of the features are too "unrealistic simstyle" then implement them and let the users choose to active or deactive it in creation of a multiplayergame.
Actually it would be great if alot of rule-options were active/deactivable when creating a multiplayer game.
And these rules were shown on the server list, so people could choose which servers they would care to join, rule vice.

just my thoughts I have had for a while now.

- love the game, but my wife dont, she miss me ;-)