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03-08-2015, 18:04
Hey everyone!


I'm creating this thread as an invitation to anyone who may be looking for a new racing community or league. Let me begin by first stating that this community is entirely flexible around your racing schedule and taste. We do not require you to attend every race, we only ask that you drive clean, respect other drivers and attend any races that you agree attendance for. Both team and individual racing is available, and again is entirely flexible to how you want to participate.

About ETCC


We are a community with a focus on playing racing games on the Xbox One & PC, Project Cars & Assetto Corsa currently being our playing field.

• last 3 to 6 weeks
• can be joined any time, plus you don't have to race every week
• often include divisional championships, overall championship and team championship

Tuning & Assists:
• most series allow tuning, build of the car is predefined
• sometimes setups(tunes) may be locked to keep the field closer together
• some series use a stock car
• ABS, TCS and STM are forced OFF. You may use the braking like, any steering type and any type of gearbox

• Sunday, 8pm UK is our premier spot for our online events
• side series are mostly held on Mondays, Wednesdays or Saturdays, mostly 8 PM UK

Car Classes:
• touring cars
• GT cars
• prototypes
• muscle cars
• various single make series

Other Games:
• we've got a big section for other games where you can discuss them and meet up for a co-op or versus session

Our Experience:
We started out as a European league for racing in Forza 2 in July 2007 and organised:
- 10 full seasons and numerous side events on Forza 2
- couple of seasons on the more lacklustre Race Pro
- five Main Seasons and even more side series on Forza 3
- six Main Seasons plus more than fifteen side series on Forza 4
- several Main Seasons and side series on Forza 5
- 2 series and counting on Assetto Corsa
- 1 series on Project Cars

• from the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada and more!
• aging from early twenties to late fifties!
• skills ranging from the very fastest to the lesser experienced and practised; always someone to battle with!

Our Attitude:
Cosy best describes the attitude most members show on the forum and track: fun, excitement, friendship, respect, helping each other and not taking yourself more seriously than necessary...that's cosyness !

Your Attitude:
The only thing we care about is that you are a friendly and decent human being, and like to spend some of your free time playing the games you like, online with people you may likely soon consider your friends.



What about teams?
Recently we've begun to bring more rules to this to allow for the lesser practised to become more important, therefore not allowing top runners to team up. All for the cosy atmosphere! New members will therefore only be allowed to privateer their first season. Some series may not even support teams, then you're only running for your personal joy! Every new series you can change teammates if you like.

Is it okay if I bring some friends with me?
It's not our aim to have other clans join our forums and not integrate with the existing members. We had that before and it wasn't good for the atmosphere. Of course I am not saying your members are bad for our community, but we feel it's unfair to make exceptions. Therefore, when you integrate well, you can join with all your friends!

What about liveries?
Liveries can be designed as one wishes, mostly in race livery style, of course without profanity. A drivers number on the car is ok, don't use other members' numbers! Some series may require a predefined series number plate or even basic design to keep things authentic. (for pCars you can request one of the available liveries)

What's up with the driver number?
On Forza, we use dedicated driver numbers for members, which you choose once, and probably will never change. You can request it in the member area board, in "the number change thread". Not really necessary for pCars anymore.



ETCC is accessible for everyone. We host various racing series throughout the week, each week on various games including Project Cars. It's entirely flexible and suited to allowing you to drive what you want, when you want - alone, or as part of a team. The community at ETCC is respectful to all new members and treats them equal regardless of skill level. Whether your a hardcore racing driver, or a newcomer looking for a new challenge, you're always welcome.

How does Team racing work?


Teams consist of four drivers; each team must consist of:

Only One Legend Ranked Driver
Only One Rookie Ranked Driver
Up to Two Pro Ranked Drivers OR Up to Two Pro-Amateur Ranked Drivers

Drivers are divided into four divisions. Rookie, Pro-Amateur, Pro and Legend. This is decided dependent on your performance during a series. By default, all new-comers will be set to Rookie rank until you have completed a series and we have had time to evaluate your skill. This is based on your race pace, consistency and your ability to overtake and defend positions. If you're a casual player and don't care too much about anything other than clean racing, then that's absolutely fine. This is used only to give us an idea of your skill level and for rules when joining or forming a team.

How Do I join?


Joining is simple and easy. To join, send an email to ETCCmailbox@gmail.com and tell us a little bit about yourself:

• who you are (real name, XBL gamertag/Steam user name)
• where you’re from, how old you are, what types of games you play
• why you want to be a member
• where you heard of the ETCC

Once you made your introduction, our friendly ModSquad™ will get back to you as soon as possible and register you on the forum.

Any questions? Leave a comment below and I'll respond ASAP. We hope to see some new faces around ETCC soon. There's a new series about to begin and we look forward to racing with you! :)

16-08-2015, 19:11
Hello brother i just send ya a private message i would love to join yalls racing team thanks Mitchell