View Full Version : Help: See damage, sector, simulated times?

05-08-2015, 02:06
As I race more I am looking for a some more info other then the telemetry screen. Such as damage otehr then tire wear/temp real time as I race? Also I can not seem to find a HUD that has the section times on it? Also I remember when I first played I was able to view from pause menu the other cars in a 3d overlay with sector times etc. Maybe in simulate mode, but it is not available in freeplay or quick play? Maybe campaign?

05-08-2015, 04:24
You can map a key for "lap info" in the controls menu, then you can toggle between various time screens, incl sectors for yourself and delta times etc. seeing you are on pc I greatly recommend a telemetry app http://www.projectcarsgame.com/apps.html