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05-08-2015, 13:38
Dear friends,
I am an XBOX One user, bought ans installed the Audi expansion pack but I am facing problems to reach the 3 ruapuna challenges. I am preety sure I got more than 30 podium finishes after installed the expansion pack but the unlock criteria does not work.
I have read many messages about this issue but I am not sure about the right answer.
Could you please clarify this issue to me? What do I need to fulfill in other to get the game fully operational.
Many thanks for your attention... Waiting your prompt reply.
Carlos (GT: BetoRenno)

05-08-2015, 18:37
I know you posted this in another thread as well, but for the sake of it not getting buried:

Mine unlocked after I created a new profile and completed all of the Shifter Kart series, the Dubai kart invitational, and 4 of 5 of the Super Kart series. It unlocked after the Donnington Park races. Don't know how many races that was, all were gold finishes since I was only playing on 30% difficulty and 45ish% duration just to get through that part of the series and into the cars I want to run.

05-08-2015, 19:13
It seems that the new events do not unlock in careers that had been started earlier than the release and installment of the Audi/Ruapuna- DLC.
So your choice is to wait for a fix or to start a new career (you can start a second one without deleting your existing one).

05-08-2015, 19:16
I don't know if it does or not. Since that pack came out I haven't really worked on my primary career. I got tired of the class I was in and started a second one. Wasn't even thinking about the Audi Challenge, it just appeared in my "emails" and that's what I reported.

06-08-2015, 00:22