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05-08-2015, 14:10
We are happy to announce a short 4 week GT series over at TVRF, this series starts on the 19/08/2015.
This is a Wednesday series races start at 9pm uk time.

Car Spec

This series the cars are to be any GT3 Cars in the game.

Tuning these cars will be entirely down to you.


Qualification will be over just 15 minutes, this means getting a time on the board will be crucial, short qualification means anything can happen and anyone can be on pole.

Be careful as in Pcars collisions are always on so give yourself space on your qualification laps.

Only clean lap times will count.

Race Night

The game sorts the start grid after qualification but it goes into the race very quickly so we will be adding a 5 min practice session for toilet breaks if needed.

The actual races will be between 45 mins and 1 hour long and pitting will be up to you, tyre wear will be on for this series, mechanical failures will be off.

When pitting , you must let the field know when you are coming out of the pits, and please make sure you do not swerve into traffic when leaving the pits.

There may be a "safety car" called during the race at any time by the lobby host, this mean that once announced there can be no more overtaking and the field must bunch up in single file, pit stops cannot be made during "safety car" period, the lobby host will then re-start the race with a 3-2-1 countdown and then the race continues.

This series will feature day and night racing, this may happen in the same race going from day to night or may feature as separate day/night races, Weather may also be included in races for this series.

Once Qualification is over party chat will be split between the top and bottom drivers so that you are in contact with the drivers your most likely to be racing, this will be done during the 5 min warm up period before the race starts.

General Racing

Any contact you feel could have been avoided can be submitted to an admin, please use the "xbox record that" feature to capture the moment either as it happens or save your replay do it from that.

The admins will then take a look and a decision will be made, remember though, not all contact can be avoided and sometimes in racing their will be bumps.

If you do make contact via a mistake please if possible allow the driver you have hit to re-take the position from you, this stop deliberate contact to gain an advantage.

If you go off the track please make sure the track is clear before driving back on, if you join the track and cause an accident then you may be liable for a penalty.

Damage will be off for the races in this series.

This series will be scored as below.

1st - 10
2nd - 8
3rd - 6
4th - 5
5th - 4
6th - 3
7th - 2
8th - 1

Any assists or views you want to run can be used in this series.

07-08-2015, 14:49
We are running this over a short time frame of just 4 weeks and will be including weather changes, day/night racing and safety cars.

10-08-2015, 14:00
Our Short 4 week GT3 Series introduces safety cars into the races, we are now taking sign ups for this series over at our site, we are keeping the series to just 4 weeks so that it ends when Forza 6 comes out giving us all a chance to try that game to see whats different/the same as the last one.

Also once patch 3.0 comes out we will run an extended GT series that may contain mutiple class of GT car racing at the same time and will include, day/night racing, and safety cars.

Join our short series now at our site.

14-08-2015, 14:50
We still have space for more drivers in our GT3 series, it's a short 4 week series allowing any assists,views and GT3 car in the game.

A great place for the rookie or the pro online racer, why not take a peek at our site and see what you think.

18-08-2015, 19:54
We are currently only taking drivers that are over 18 and from the EU, this is to give us a better chance of running without lag, due to the games p2p multiplayer it makes multi nation racing very tough.

1 day to go for our GT3 series that starts at SPA wednesday at 9pm uk time.

still 3 spots left.

23-08-2015, 17:34
We have space for 2 more drivers which would take us to 16 drivers.

Race 1 went ok and included a safety car near the ned making the final few laps interesting, day/night racing makes it even more interesting.

Dont miss out

9pm uk times Wednesdays, uk or similar time zones only please as p2p is horrid with international connections

24-08-2015, 20:19
I just got the game and I am in love with it. I'll join but I want to wait until I am confident enough that I wont wreck the field.

27-08-2015, 19:39
Hey PXB1,

i'm sure you will be ok so why not join our mini enduro series that has 2 races left as a test to see how your doing, we are quite relaxed as racers and allow any assists you want to run, were not bothered by how fast you are just how you drive.

feel free to join the site and sign up.

31-08-2015, 12:22
2 races left and we go to Bathurst next for 25 laps of GT3 racing which features a safety car period at some point during the race.

2 spots left so dont miss your chance for some good clean racing.

please only sign up if you intend to show up, we are not interested in massive member numbers we just want active drivers that enjoy racing.

05-09-2015, 16:03
We are moving into our final race this coming Wednesday, silvertone GP and the title is still up for grabs.

Why not pop along to our site to find racers that race and wont take you out or abuse you no matter your skill level.