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That kind of thing?



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Why learning HTML and CSS makes sense.
Web design apps like Dreamweaver are fine, but if you want to be able to build modern responsive HTML5 based websites, then these apps will get in the way of you learning (because you have to learn the app on top of the code) … and will actually slow you down!

Learning to build your web sites using HTML will give you far better control over the process, and ultimately your web sites. On top of that, you will have a far deeper understanding of the web, and as a result you will create better websites quicker – much quicker.

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I know enough basic HTML to format my text; I ran a blog a few years ago, and learned how to hand code tables. I also learned that when asking someone to write something for a group site, to insist on .rtf format: .doc puts down a lot more complicated style control, and that's not good.

Honestly, the simpler your code, the better; too many bells and whistles, and it slows transfer time and (for mobile users) chews up data. But for basic formatting stuff, I might be able to answer some "101" questions.

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What is the future of web design?

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What is the future of web design?

Nobody knows! But responsive design is preferred ..