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06-08-2015, 20:55
Does anyone by chance know how to pull out the VECTOR wireframes for the cars?

I.e., the painting templates available to us right now are all raster files, and a lot of the details are totally muddled. I'm 100% sure that the wireframes exist as vectors somewhere, but I'm not totally sure it's possible to extract them somehow.

Would anyone know? It would make life a whole lot easier if we could work with vector wireframes as opposed to rasters.

Thank you.

06-08-2015, 21:15
How would vectors of the wireframe make painting a livery easier? The game can handle up to 4096x4096, anything above that you'd have to downsize and lose resolution with it again anyways...so what's the point of having ultra hi-rez wireframes unless you're trying to rip the model from the game?

06-08-2015, 21:25
The point is I can select regions much, much easier. As it stands, if I want to paint the door of, say, the RWD P30 LMP separately from the rest of the cockpit part to which it is attached I have to fiddle around in illustrator drawing vector lines around the door.

If I had vector/illustrator files, I could just live paint the whole thing and make perfect photoshop masks as I please.

It really should go without saying why it's so much easier, there are a million reasons. Believe me, everyone worth their salt as a graphic designer would love this.

06-08-2015, 21:34
If you say so...
Personally, I freehand a selection around it and it works out just as well...but that's just not-a-graphics-designer-me and my pragmatism talking.

06-08-2015, 21:42
Yeah for the outside of a piece that's perfectly reasonable, but it's a giant pain in the ass for, like, any complicated details within a piece that I want separated.

Anyway I'm a perfectionist and compulsive about this but I still hope someone can give me an answer.

Tommaso Rossato
11-08-2015, 11:04
It would be useful in some situations, like perfect seams with 2 colors/shapes in some critical points.

I don't know if it's possible to obtain a vector/dxf/svg format or just raster.

11-08-2015, 11:26
Vector wireframes would make a lot of things easier in my opinion. Good suggestion.

Alan Dallas
17-08-2015, 01:38
Been working with raster UV Maps for decades and never had a problem. Matter of fact I know of no 3D artist that exports the UV map as a Vector layer. There's no good reason too once the working size is set. It's meant to be a transparent layer and only a guide to show you paintable surface. You shouldn't be making selections from the UV Map anyway. Pen tool and shapes is all you need in Photoshop really for doing liveries. I use a Pen and Tablet for quickly making custom shapes. I find a mouse is to cumbersome for that kind of work.
BTW, people who call it a wire frame really irk me and make me think they're an amateur at best for some reason. It's a UV Map. Wire frame apply's to working with the 3D model itself. Not the texture map. Guess I'm old school like that.

17-08-2015, 18:41
I'd love to see some vector wireframes, too. Good suggestion

28-08-2015, 18:29
Sorry for my English but I use a translator.
it is easier for an amateur to paint with a wireframe.
It would suffice that the modders once the car (body) built at the same time build the template with the wireframe and lights ......
Pcars is a nice platform game, they should take into account that for a simracer, have a good support to paint his race car is important .Go, make an effort !!
To each his 3d knowledge to get a good job, here's an example-->Template Z4 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/t21xe1dqlwttj5p/template+z4+bmw.rar)