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The Mango Kid
06-08-2015, 23:08

there are some things, SMS got to change. I don't think, I'm the only one bothered by this:

The "Flagrules" are not working propperly. No flags are shown to any cars, exept the black one once. I got hit by another car and turned arround. I got the black flag, because of an accident I wasn't even responsible for. If "Flagrules" are in a Simracer, I want them to work in the correct way.

Coherent with this, I want slower cars (NPC) to take notice of the blue flag. Once a GT4 car was a lap behind me and while I wanted to overtake that very car on the long strait in Spa it was steering right in front of me and hit the breaks. I want the marshals to wave that flags. Exept for the ones using lights to do that (like Spa for example). Even old games like GTR had this.

What's bothering me most, is the thing with stripping me of laptimes, even if I leave the track and loose time. If I cut a corner and get stripped of my time is not the problem. But if I cut it too often, I should not be disqualified, the should be a penalty (drive through, 10sec. or something) Only this should work right. Exiting the "Eau rouge" in Spa should be like it's in real racing. If you whatched the 24h race this year, you can see, that everyone cuts that corner.

If I set up a race, the correct choice of the distance should be a timedistance, not a distance by laps. [Exept for Formula races (which other races make use of an amount of laps anyway)] Continuing with this subject, I want to be able to decide the starting classes. If I want a race after LMP or IMSA rules with these cars, then let me do it. Should be an easy option. There should be an "All lights on" otion or rule for for and rain, too.

The AI is another problem. They are doing shit all race long. They are hitting each other all over the track. Some cars are that damaged, they can't even race on, so the remain on the track. I wish, there would be a Safetycar (not that shitty one from GTR) an "All track yellow" rule and "Code 60". In combination with this, crashed and broken cars should be taken out of the race, training or other sessions and NOT REMAIN ON THE TRACK!

There are some other things, a lot of players could be missing. I think a good working Flash or Hi-Beam (the fast flashing of the headlights to show slower cars you are coming) with the NPC responing in the correct way would be like the best thing in the game.

Furthermore I want to steer my car in the box [incl. "Limiter(GTR hat that 12 years ago...)]. It pisses me of, that I am not the one in charge there. Additional I want to decide, if I just do a splash and dash in the trainingsessions or park my car in the box. If I get gasoline, I have to turn my car off and start if afterwards. The car has to be lifted up, so the tires can be changed. In connection with this, the lights at the end of the pitlane should be working. If it's red, I shouldn't be allowed to drive out, if a car is next to it, there should be a blue light and so on. And if I drive into the pitlane without telling my team, the stop sould be taking longer, cause they are unprepared. (Maybe PC only?)

My next point is about tracks and cars. The McLaren MP4 GT3 has a monitor instead of a rear mirror, but it's turned off...
If you start a race at LeMans with a full grid, the first car in the pitlane will always crash into a wall. If you could steer in the pitlane, this would not happen.
There should be a 24h and a VLN version of the Nordschleife.
In Spa should be an endurance version (long pitlane)

My final thought is about the replays. I sometimes want to see, what happened to other cars, but I can't change cars in the replay. Further I want more options to scroll the time. On PC I can only go with big steps and on the PS4 I can only do fast forward or backward.

I think, that's all for now. Please fix this!

Best regards

The Mango Kid

06-08-2015, 23:23
Great tone you use there in bringing your 'suggestions' to the devs. I want, I want, I want, I want. Maybe it's the language barrier, but may I suggest a politer tone if you want your suggestions to be heard?...

06-08-2015, 23:26
Great tone you use there in bringing your 'suggestions' to the devs. I want, I want, I want, I want. Maybe it's the language barrier, but may I suggest a politer tone if you want your suggestions to be heard?...

I want everyone to stop bashing each other for how they express what they want :)

07-08-2015, 01:05
I would like some apps like HeliCorsa, a third party add on for Assetto Corsa (basically a top down fighter pilot radar app showing car positions around you) or a spotter. I know its not "Sim-like" but make them optional. It gives vastly better awareness of other cars position in race, especially on your non drivers side.

Surely this could do nothing but help with the "Multiplayer users are wreckers" or the "AI ram me in corners" situation.

I know some people have fantastic situational awareness through the look left/right or multiple screens, but I find it very difficult to do that in tight racing or just before corner turn in.

07-08-2015, 01:17
Seriously, OP looks like they just went through the feature suggestion list (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?21985-Project-Cars-Ultimate-Suggestion-Thread), cherry picked the top ones, put in some self-absorbed sounding text and made a thread.

There's not a single thing listed that hasn't already been hashed, re-hashed, and hashed once more to a soup-like consistency. We'd all like to see changes of one kind or another but it must be realized that this isn't a short order steakhouse and things that are doable will take time to implement. There is a very experienced dev team still working on this game and the level of post-release support is quite good as it stands.

So please be patient, tone down the "me want, I want, fix this" and let them do their job.

07-08-2015, 01:24
I want a medium rare steak

07-08-2015, 02:41
I'm going to close this for a few reasons:

1. We have proper places to report bugs and issues
2. We have proper places to request new features
3. Most of these have been discussed in those places already
4. We are not here to demand