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06-08-2015, 23:17
I have noticed lately that when I m driving the FA car down a straight line, it is very easy to steer the car left and right, it feels a bit weird suddenly. I have been driving GT3s so I might have gotten used to those and now FA feels different. Am I imagining this or did something change with the patch? Maybe steering sensitivity changed? i have my wheel at 900degrees rotation. On another note, if i enable centering spring most of the rest of FFB i can barely feel anymore. Shall I up the tire force? Everything else is at defaults, except for DRR and Gain at 1.00

06-08-2015, 23:27
Up your Mz scale on that particular car to give it some weight in the wheel when driving in a straight line and turning. this may help a little

Fx Longitude ( front to back )

Fy Road feel

Fz Curb feel

Mz reduces wheel weight/Torque Try turning this up a little

Sop Lat rear Lateral Weight Transfer

Sop Diff Rear Vertical Weight Transfer

Master scale and scoop Master scale "recommended should be always set to the same # value

Fy and Sop Lateral Recommend Should always be set to the same .

Mz should always be your first Tweek Per car as it controls wheel / weight /Torque 30 for front wheel ......... 60 for rear .

Thank Grimey Dog for this info.

07-08-2015, 10:17
I ll try some changes when i can play again, thanks for the answer. I haven't touched individual car settings at all yet and using v1.5 66% Spade FFB files.