View Full Version : Microsoft's Elite xbox one controller - a closer look at the "app"

07-08-2015, 11:34
A couple of guys I know who race motogp and gpbikes are going to go for the Elite controller having watched this video.

Jump to 46 minutes in and they cover in more detail than before the sensitivity adjustments available on the thumb-sticks and the triggers. This is the important bit if you are going racing with the Elite controller..particularly the triggers in my view. Atm the standard xbox one controller has a "bulge" in its trigger signal outputs at 3/4 qtrs trigger opening. This should hopefully fix it on the Elite controller. Looks good.

No new buttons! The Elite controller is about mapping permutations for the existing buttons to the rear paddles. Nothing more than that. Just like a SharQ or a Scuf controller.

Looks good. Only the price represents an obstacle for me. Personally I'll be sticking with my "Scuffed-up" Thrustmaster GPX controller I think which already boasts fully linear long range triggers and rear paddles. If I didn't have a customised GPX I'd buy an Elite though if the price was right. Price of the Elite remains an issue for some I think.