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07-08-2015, 13:30
I don't mind racing in the rain.. But the weather in the game always seems to go the same way:
*start in the rain, stops to rain (dry), and at the last few laps returns to rain
*start dry, begins to rain, stops to rain, again dry

It would be easier (and more fun) as it just would start to rain half way in and just keep on raining trough the entire race...
Seriously, doing 16 laps is a 20-25 minute race.. Just go from dry into rain and stay there, or start in the rain and dry up, and STAY dry.
It's not realistic to start dry, become a thunderstorm and then at the end again the sun comes trough and track gets completly dry again. (in a 25 minute race)
Really annoying as you're struggling with the tyres the entire time.

Less is more, make it simpler... :P I know this happens in real life too, but this happens all the time in the game.

Other than that, just read the patch notes, AMAZING STUFF. Good job!

Mr Akina
07-08-2015, 13:37


07-08-2015, 14:00


That's not what I mean tho. I know it is scripted, but I don't mind soo much it being scripted. I just wish it was scripted in a different way. As my examples:
"Just go from dry into rain and stay there, or start in the rain and dry up, and STAY dry".

Why does it always rain-dry-rain, or dry-rain-dry. Just make it two. Go from rain to dry, or other way around. That's my issue.