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07-08-2015, 17:19
This is more a Super Good Advice then a question. Just wanted to mention this in case other folks have the same issue as me.

Still seeing threads where folks complain they have to turn the wheel to much and it doesn't resemble real cars. Other folks tell them how it should work with proper calibration and shake their heads in confusion. I too was seeing this issue and found my root cause which may be affecting others.

Played a lot of games over the years and everyone I ever remembered had a calibration set up that consisted of turning your wheel, pedal, joystick, flightstick, etc all the way in one direction and then all the way to the other so the game can figure out the range of it. PCars starts this way when calibrating the wheel by saying turn the wheel all the way in one direction as expected. However, for step two of wheel calibration it starts off with "Turn the wheel..." and my brain immediately shut off and decided it knew what to do and moved it all the way back the other direction. This is in fact incorrect and what you're supposed to do (as the game tells you) is to move it back to center and then only 90 degrees off.

If you incorrectly do this as I did the game will not complain or generate any errors but accepts your input and generates an extremely weird wheel mapping that causes you to turn the wheel way too much.

Just ice
07-08-2015, 17:30
At the 2nd step, I just turn the wheel to 900 deg, hold it there and click finish. Is that wrong?

07-08-2015, 17:39
At the 2nd step, I just turn the wheel to 900 deg, hold it there and click finish. Is that wrong?

That is correct, its just confusing because the common interpretation is to only position the wheel at 90 degrees to the opposite direction. This might work on 320 degree wheels but if you have a 900 degree wheel you need to turn it back to the closest range of your wheel when set to a 90 degrees...

The key point the OP mentioned that I never saw mentioned (haven't calibrated since 1.0, CSW v2) in the instructions was for the wheel to be set at 90 degrees after returning to the center point. Perhaps recent versions corrected this wording but it is confusing and I can't believe so many people have actually tried to play it like that...