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08-08-2015, 03:57
Guys, the game is great but now that I've worked through 125 hours+ of the career I've gone to playing online and it's a disappointing experience. There has to be a way to code trajectory based error handling. If a car violently cuts across the track, jumps a start or blows a brake zone by x feet / second than that players car should turn into a "ghost car", be DQed from the race and have a warning placed against the user's account via an assigned "point". After x points in x races that player should be suspended from online play for some amount of time. Currently, its a disappointing experience to play online but hopefully the aforementioned solution can be considered. One last thought, if a car corner cuts it too should turn into a ghost car. Its frustrating to hit a car who's badly cut and blocks the racing line as a result.

Many multiplayer games have had to figure out ways to manage the experience and I hope this sim is no exception. Thanks for the great game! Look forward to playing MP in the future.