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08-08-2015, 18:22

donīt know if the question allready appeared somewhere else in the Forum but do we get time scaled races so that we can drive a propper 24h race offline and of course online? And if we get it, when?
Thanks in advance for your answers.

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-IGN- Spinster
08-08-2015, 18:28
24 hour race? One driver per team? Might work off line for a insomniac person, good luck looking for other dedicated persons to play 24 straight hours.

08-08-2015, 18:39
Of course this would implement a saving option for offline mode. Even GTR 2 had that. And for online a driver swap option like in rFactor. Come on use your head. Nether the less. Such a great day night system is very pointless to me without having the option to drive a 24h race.

-IGN- Spinster
08-08-2015, 18:45
I know.. but you are asking about this on P-Cars. I race with teammate swapping on rFactor in endurance racing, I haven't done a 24hr race but a 12 hour one.. P-Cars game can't even handle a single pit stop option.

08-08-2015, 18:49
Doesnīt mean this canīt happen. They should give us the option.

Umer Ahmad
08-08-2015, 19:00
Yes, timed races is a feature planned for a later patch.

08-08-2015, 20:29
Thank you very much, thatīs what i wanted to hear. :)

10-08-2015, 06:53
Yes, timed races is a feature planned for a later patch.

My goodness, finally something on this. Thank you! :applouse::applouse: