View Full Version : Concerning the co-driver?

09-08-2015, 01:36
Have a couple questions that have to do with the AI co-driver that I haven't come across on the forum. I'm in the middle of doing the 25h track day event at Bathurst. Leading up to the event I did several Quick Weekend endurance races so I could get a handle on the co-driver. After a smattering of both successful and unsuccessful tests I decided to give the 25h event a go. However, I'm still confused over how the co-driver handles his pit stops.

Does the co-driver use whatever the best strategy is at that time or does it follow a generally scripted stop strategy? Having double stinted tires for most of the event and even seeing other AI double stint tires based on relative delta times, I've yet to see the co-driver double stint a set of tires. Actually, he did so once after forcing him to double stint the tires upon driver swap just to see if the default pit strategy would force the issue (basically, the tires were triple stinted), but then he went back to taking tires on every subsequent stop.

Also, concerning the co-driver, after he completed his overnight stint and I returned to pick up the race in the morning, I noticed my force feedback was essentially gone. All I was left with was horrible oscillation in the corners. Could this possibly be a product of the ffb suddenly dropping as a result of a possible crash? Seeing that that has been called out as an issue and is being fixed in the next patch, I'm hoping that's the cause of the issue only because there's a fix on the way. However, is there anything else that may have caused the ffb drop? Struggled for a few hours this morning, but eventually couldn't take it anymore and decided to let the co-driver finish off the event - partially out of my inability to drive, but more so out of fear that the wheel might go up in smoke. Rather disappointed to have to finish the event that way.

One last question that doesn't deal with the co-driver but instead the driver profile page. I noticed a few days ago my statistics are completely off the mark. First off, I seem to have about a hundred more races run than I should. I'm aware of practice and qualifying adding to the tally. That's not the issue here. This is more of an overnight spike where suddenly 100+ races have been added to my totals. I can deal with it though, however, what really irks me is I suddenly have 300+ races run under my online stats, all of which show as DNFs and I have somewhere in the vicinity of 2200+ pole positions won. 2200+ poles from 300+ starts? I've yet to go online in Project Cars, so these numbers have completely bewildered me. Is this a known bug or am I simply unlucky in the stats department?

Thanks for any insight anyone can give. Loving this game, and I'm off to see my co-driver take the checkers.