View Full Version : XBOX Bug game crash while driving had to reenter network password

09-08-2015, 01:54
Hi all, not sure if someone has already reported this bug but I was playing online multiplayer last night with day to night weather at Lemas circuit in an Audi with helmet cam, the session was running fine for about 30mins in free practice and then going into the first chicane the game locked up / sound just kept looping and screen froze, so I quit the game and went back to xbox dashboard where it told me I needed to connect to xbox live, and I had to reenter my network password to my router! This wouldnt work and I was forced to cold restart the xbox and also reset my router and eventually I was able to get back on, in the next lobby I was in another driver was talking about the exact thing that just happened to me so Im not sure if it was a game server crash or just a local bug etc, thought I would report it here.

09-08-2015, 19:31
oh its really big problem i will advice you to visit your local game shop for this solution.