View Full Version : Race result and race ending in solo mode.

10-08-2015, 13:12
I donīt know if SMS is aware of this issue, but here are an experience I had and maybe some of you have seen this as well.

Yesterday I made a 200 lap race at Spa, with a full grid of GT3 cars.

As the race went on for more than 8 hours, I shared the car with the AI driver.

During the race I made a mistake, crashed and lost a wheel. Bringing the car back to the pit for repairs lost me 2 laps to the leader of the race.

I drove the last stint of the race and had a good fight with a couple of other cars for position, but still 2 laps down on the leaders. Then suddenly the race stopped and the result screen came up. I am sure that it was because the leaders had crossed the finish line, but it was really not cool, that I didnīt got to finish my lap and my fight for position (that needs to be fixed). But I noticed that the lap continued behind the result screen, but know with my AI driver in the car and he brought the car one place up on the leaderboard before reaching the finish line!!! Weird that the AI driver gets to finish the race and the only thing you can do is to sit and look at the result screen.

With all cars back in the garage, the result screen should display the final result of the race.

But that were not the case. Out of the 35 cars, maybe the first 15-20 cars were in the correct order. But after that it was a total mix up. Cars which had finished 195 laps in the race were located in front and higher up the leaderboard, than cars which had done 197 laps and so on. That needs to be fixed to, so the race result is valid.

Other than that, thank you for a great game SMS and for the ongoing support.