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Baalberith NL
10-08-2015, 15:51
Hi all,

Is there a way, or will it be implemented in the current way to see the MP settings the host selected before actually joining the server?
What i mean then is for example the forced settings etc, this by maybe hovering over the desired server u might want to enter.

Thx for any response,


22-08-2015, 18:33
Would like that too on the PS4. Now the host thinks "HEY, theres a new player" , that instantly quits because of too many laps, wrong settings, etc etc.

Greetings Solodan.

22-08-2015, 22:44
http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?37566-How-to-imropve-MP-experience-%28SMS-devs-9 please leave your comment in this thread how to improve the MP experience! Every suggestion counts!