View Full Version : looking for Xbox one saturday league.

11-08-2015, 11:31
Looking for a league that is run on a Saturday. I currently race on a Sunday but that's only once a month as we fi f1 weekly (which I suck at). I'm a middle of the pack racer usually 8 seconds off the top time trial times. I'll race anything.

15-08-2015, 21:57
We have a GT3 race every Saturday night 9PM Eastern time U.S. Not sure if you're in North America?

Our league has many players. Mostly casual players with a few speed demons. Join us tonight or any Saturday night.


16-08-2015, 15:11
I'm in uk 9 eastern is 2am uk as much as she understands my NEED to play xbox 2am is too late for me. Thanks for the offer though.

16-08-2015, 17:01
Maybe you can start one up Ian? I'm up for some casual (UK time) racing. I'm nothing special and still learning, this is my first time playing a sim so could do without the strictness I would expect a club or league to have.

Feel free to add me on XBL, I play every night! (Mr Liister)

16-08-2015, 19:00
Im in Georgia USA i would love to join, im a casual player..just like to have fun ..

19-08-2015, 13:15
If anyone is interested in joining a Saturday evening league please message me on Xbox.
I did try once before but numbers dwindled fast.
If I get enough interest 5+ people I'll do it.
Gamertag same as on here.

11-03-2016, 22:16
I'm trying to start up and Indy Car league if you are interested I'm in the Pacific Time Zone

15-03-2016, 13:20
I'll add you UK guys on Live - are your GTs the same as your forum names? I would say there's a good chance there would be at least a couple of my mates around for Saturday racing too.

16-03-2016, 16:33
Ian I might have 5 or 6 guys already if Froggy was serious about what he told me. It will be either indycar nascar stocks or the gt3 corvette depending on how many people I get. You interested?

16-03-2016, 17:55
Hey gents, i run a league and yep we have structure but its not a super serious thing, we have a web site and organise race series but we have ppl that are varied in skill, we take any drivers that drive clean and fair.

we run our pcars on a wednesday night at 9pm uk time, we find saturdays means most ppl are out and about on the town when a little mid week racing can help you get through the working week with a smile.


Global Sim Racing
18-03-2016, 20:41
If sim racing (cockpit, no assists) is what you're after, give us a look at Global Sim Racing. We race on Project CARS Saturday's at 3:00pm eastern / 8:00pm gmt


22-03-2016, 20:03
I run in an xbox league over on Race Department that runs on Saturdays but we've struggled badly for numbers. It seems with you guys also looking to race that we should look to get together as it seems like we could form a decent sized grid amongst us all.

We're over on http://www.racedepartment.com/forums/xbox-one-lotus-classic-f1-world-championship.363/

I really think we could get a good set of racers between us all and get to enjoy this great game even more.

22-03-2016, 20:21
For another place with guys looking to start racing check out here http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?45738-Console-Racing-Inaugural-RS-01-Series

There's also a fortnightly TT challenge that is a lot of fun.