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Evil Mattress
12-08-2015, 19:32

Are you looking for some decent racing action? Maybe you have never thought of signing up to an "Organized League"? Perhaps it sounds intimidating, or perhaps you think you aren't good enough... Nonsense! And don't worry! We've got you covered!

You need The ETCC.

Come check out the online racing at etcc.ridedomain.com (http://etcc.ridedomain.com/index.php) where our attitude and ethos is cosy racing for all. We've been running for many years and have a very, very rich history.

We pride ourselves on our friendly forum atmosphere, and promote respectful, clean racing. We have some of the fastest guys (well they were on Forza!), to some of the, well, not so fast guys, racing and working together. They'll always be someone for you to battle.

We also like our members to not take it too seriously, it should be fun, so don't be scared if you've never participated in organized racing before...You'll love the structure, purpose and clean racing, also, racing with others your lap times will plummet! And promoting fun doesn't mean we're not super organized. German engineering went into the building of the ETCC after all... In fact we don't see ourselves as a league, we're a community!

Enough about us... Lets talk racing! We're gearing up for our latest main series, starting soon, Sunday nights @ 8pm:

The Classic Touring Car Championship

Featuring the mighty BMW M3 E30, Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth and the Mercedes-Benz 190 it promises to feature some epic battles and races. Everyone loves these great iconic machines, here's your chance to drive them in anger!

The series will feature current real location weather (we've got a lovely widget on our website!), damage and failures. This series we will use fixed weather with no pitstops. Obviously in future series, when we are happy the pitstops function correctly, we'll mix it up!

The cars are close-ish in lap times, but we've come up with a cunning plan for how to mitigate the advantages of the faster cars. Rather than explain it all here, go take a look in the RULES (http://etcc.ridedomain.com/index.php?topic=5649.0) section on the forum.

As well as the individual championship, up for grabs is the team championship and our divisional championships (skill level based), so there is plenty of reason to race!

Teams are up to four drivers of varying skill levels. Team score is calculated by the best two driver results on the night.

If all this sounds confusing... Don't panic. All you need to do is get over to our forum and race!

Cars are obviously fully tunable. Can't tune? Well don't worry; our members are very cosy and usually share their tunes for each week and are happy to tell you how!

Running for 6 weeks every Sunday night 8pm UK.

Our final test session is this Sunday night @ 8pm UK (16th August!) so this is the perfect time to sign up to our cosy racing community.

So, like I might of already said, don't delay, don't think "I'll do it later". Get over to our forum and register now! The ETCC (http://etcc.ridedomain.com/index.php) (etcc.ridedomain.com) is very friendly, not too serious and a heck of a lot of clean fun. Whether you're a veteran of organized racing, or have never joined a league but want a bit of structured competition away from public lobbies, there is no better place! What are you waiting for? You won't regret it!

To join, send an email to ETCCmailbox@gmail.com and tell us a little bit about yourself:

• who you are (real name, XBL gamertag and Forza Motorsport forums name, if different)
• where you’re from, how old you are, what types of games you play
• why exactly you want to be a member anyway
• where you heard of the ETCC
• anything else you want to share!

Once you made your introduction, our friendly ModSquad™ will get back to you as soon as possible and register you on the forum.