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12-08-2015, 21:55
Hello Everyone.

The BSR league is well under way in it's first season, with round 5 out of 8 coming up this Sunday, August 16th. Season 2 will start sometime mid- to end October. The BSR league welcomes all drivers of any skill and nationality. All we aim for, is good clean racing, but most important of all, to just have fun, and some exciting races! In round 4, which was raced at Nürburgring GP, we had 12 starting on the grid, and we introduced manual formation lap with real rolling start, as well as safety car and qualifying divided into 2, within the same session, to allow GT as well as LMP to run qualifying laps, without the track being overcrowded.

BSR is based out of Denmark, and therefor all times are set after summertime, which means that only countries that doesn't use summertime (like GB) will see changing start times over the season. Atm everything is GMT+2/CEST, but once summertime is over, we will be GMT+1/CET.

All races are roughly 2 hours in length, excluding practice, qualifying and warmup. In total, the entire session takes about 3 hours.

We have our own dedicated server, which runs on a 300/300 Mbit connection, located in Denmark.

Dates for the remainder of the season:

Round 5: 16/8 - Road America
Round 6: 30/8 - Sonoma Raceway
Round 7: 13/8 -
Round 8: 27/8 -

Detailed description of practice, quali, safety car and start of race:

Safety car: There will be a safetycar, and it may be deployed throughout the race. It will be deployed during the formation lap, and can be deployed throughout the race as well, depending on big crashes or persistent server lag.

Rolling start: There will be a manual rolling start. We will have a standing start, where the safetycar will guide you through the first lap, as a formation lap, and give the green flag when the lap is coming to an end.

Practice: Throghout the week, we will open up the server at 8pm GMT+2/CEST, with various settings on weather. It will usually be open for 6 hours, and this will occur a minimum of 3 times during the week (monday, wednesday, friday). It may also be open on other days of the week.

Qualification: The session will be split up into 2, with the first 15 minutes allocated to LMP1 and the last 15 minutes allocated to GT3.
*LMP1 session will run from 00:00 minutes to 00:16 minutes. The pit will be closed for exits at 00:12 minutes.
*GT3 session will run from 00:14 minutes to 00:30 minutes.

Time schedule:

Lobby Start w/ driver briefing: 19:50
Practice: 20:05
Qualifying: 20:20
Warm-up: 20:50
Race start: 21:00

Every monday, wednesday and friday our server will be open for practice, and will usually also be open on tuesdays and thursday.

Raceserver name is prefixed with '[BSR] #1 - Racename' and in-week practice server '[BSR]#2 - Racename Practice'

Our website is still under development, but a forum is up, from where we will organize everything. We do have a much larger platform with live timing, event manager and much more in the works, but it still needs a bit more tweaking before we will start to roll this out. All this will get more info in due time.

Website: http://www.bumb.dk/phpBB3/
TeamSpeak: ts.bumb.dk (no password)
Current championship standings: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WUKJk2F3v2HHKAYZeOfrgWfxBTTQ_9N5LTvypQNEUhw/

Feel free to join our teamspeak at any time. Either poke me, DozerKitty, or my partner gandaDK if you have questions, or just want to have a chit chat.

We hope to see you all, and get some good racing with more people!