View Full Version : I wrote a review of the game on my personal site, hope you guys enjoy

12-08-2015, 23:22
A few caveats.

- I don't play online, so I have no opinion of that
- I play casually at best, so the review lacks some granular detail that you guys would know better than me.
- I love this game, so I am writing more out of happiness than criticism

Hope you all like it.


13-08-2015, 08:03
that's a good review, imo :)

here's a copy/paste of something I posted elsewhere recently, that sums up my thoughts on pCARS

I haven't played pCARS for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to trying it again though, once this big patch hits

I was thinking earlier in terms of how I'd compare pCARS to FM5 and the upcoming FM6, using cars...

The Forza games are a BMW M5: Made by a huge company in a state of the art facility. Big, shiny, reliable and capable of a rapid turn of pace and capable of being exciting when pushed

pCARS is an old school TVR: Handmade by a bunch of enthusiasts in a shed, rough and ready. Highly exciting to drive when it works properly but doesn't work properly often enough

I'm glad that I have them both in my garage though, so I can choose which one to use, depending on my mood :D

EMW Grogan
13-08-2015, 11:43
That's a very well written review.

I'm a massive critic of this game, but credit where it's due. You have pointed out the things which are very good about this game very well.
The visuals ( excellent ), the number of varied tracks (strongest part of this game ), the car list ( mostly race cars not garbage ).

But you have skirted it's obvious flaws and crippling bugs. But by your own admission you have not got into the mess that is multiplayer or the awfull tune bugs, pit stops, landmines, dashboard crashes, missing dlc etc etc

But like I said it's well written and well presented, just seems to point out the good and not the bad.

Ever thought of writing for IGN ? [ wink ]