View Full Version : Any way to increase the sound of mechanical rattles in-game?

13-08-2015, 01:53
I love it when I get all kinds of squeaky rattling noises from the depending on the surface/speed, Pcars is either lacking in this regard, or maybe they are set at a lower volume than competitors. Anything I can do to finetune this?

13-08-2015, 02:25
I found if I reduce engine volume (in sound settings) and turn up my TV/amp volume I can hear bottoming out and other squeaks and rattles a little better. The engine noise doesn't drown it out as much when it's reduced.
Also depends on the car you drive - eg the R18 TDI and Oreca/Alpine cars are more "noisy"/ sound more alive than the WMD-made RWD and Marek cars.

13-08-2015, 13:17
I find the suspension squeeking a little ott in some cars. Like, a car for 500k, and it sounds like a oldtimer that was parked in a barn for 40 years. What kind of advertisement is that?