View Full Version : Pro Fusion RACING Friday night Racing/Championship

13-08-2015, 14:12
Hi fellow racers

I run a community on Facebook and have started a monthly pCARS Championship consiting of weekly GT3 (and possibly other classes) races. Four 10 lap races every Friday (10pm UK) each with a 10 minute practice and a 15 minute qualifying. We have structured our own point system where it keeps things interesting and fun, the more people who join the more we can spread the point system out. We are looking for clean mature racers who like to have fun but not take it 100% serious at the same time. We're not all perfect racers (far from it) and we understand accidents can occur out on the track but all we ask is for it not to be purposeful and should it happen please allow anyone involved time to recover (rubbing is racing but its not demolition derby).

If anyone is interested please dont hesitate to get intouch with me, we have already started this months Championship but new comers can join in and test the waters if they wish. I stream every race on my channel if you would like to come and watch rather than take part.

***Pad and wheel users both welcome***



I hope to hear from people soon :D