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13-08-2015, 17:30
I absolutely love this game so a big congrats to sms and everyone associated with it. I hope it keeps improving and the update patches are a plenty.

Now to my gripe/question.

I have been a lifelong fan of motorsport and am an avid f1 fan, have been for 31 years since in nappies. I have just been taking part in a formula gulf single race at oulton park with 100% difficulty etc etc and ended up being flipped into a nasty crash on lap one loosing almost all of car with exception of one wheel. Now this is what I can't understand. I had the ai car that hit me drive off with no apparent suspension damage (needing to pit) and at least 3 cars very close ploughing into the back and side of me but not one of them lost their front nose or lost a little bit of front wing or end fence or end part of car etc etc. I am in the same category in my career and again have seen the same problem.

does anyone know what the reason for this is and is this going to be fixed with a patch at somepoint? If that had happened in real f1 then at least 5 cars would have had to go into the pits for repairs.

cheers Matt

13-08-2015, 20:02
This issue has been coming up in threads since the release. A couple nights ago I had an AI in a Formula A race drive something like twenty laps on a flat tyre, sparks flying. The devs certainly know about this issue, and assume they are working on addressing it. AI and how it handles pit stops, whether for damage or to take on new tyres, has been one of the biggest complaints as far as I've seen.

13-08-2015, 20:23
Thanks for the info. Its one I've put up with and not really bothered me until now but now as getting more competative it now irritates me. Fingers crossed its one that is fixed soon.

13-08-2015, 20:52
I've had the same experience. At first, when I was just struggling to control the car and learn the tracks the inconsistencies with AI were the least of my problems. But now as I am battling for positions and trying to set up strategic pit stops, having my car damaged by an AI throws that strategy all off.