View Full Version : Field of View Speed Sensitivity REVERSE

14-08-2015, 16:19
I love the speed sensi cam. -Was it GTA San Andreas that featured a really good one? ...and many other games too.

It is a very useful feature on sims where you do not have a pneumatic 6-DOF platform.

Ever noticed how like 1 in 5 of your friends [who is fine in real cars] just cannot drive on a simulator? I think it's these people who miss that G-feedback and cannot drive without it. Everything basically looks the same whether you are doing 2OOmph or 2Omph, until they start crashing.

In GTA you could actually tell which new car was faster, just by the 'look' of the screen when you are driving flat out.

Anyway, getting extra feedback about your speed is a good thing, but I wondered if maybe the first people to do this [Rockstar?] got it the wrong way around. When you are going 2Omph round a hairpin, it would be helpful to have a wider view. And when you are nailing it down the Fuchsrohre at 175mph you could do with being more zoomed-in, able to see further into the distance.

In pCars you can slide them the 'other' way and I think it works well.

Make sense? If you wanna try my OPTIONS CAMERA settings they are , 12O, 75, 18, 222. If you are on metric units [which I should be too] the last two are 28 and 3OO [which is not as high as 222mph, but 3OO is the max in kph?!]