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15-08-2015, 01:35
Nurburgring chicane needs work, I missed my braking point and the lap still registered. Was this supposed to be fixed in this update? Silverstone National doesn't appear to be fixed either. I fixed it with a clean lap (Marek LMP1) but you can still short cut the carpet after the first turn and have it count. I have seen the AI do this but is this really ok to have all four tires over in TT? Maybe I am just paying too much attention to this and it is ok. The reason I pay attention is because I can't see shit at some places on the Silverstone Tracks in TT. I only have partial vision in my right eye and drive with my left eye closed because it is worse so I just hard right at the first corner and either hit the guardrail or run wide over the carpet most of the time. Occasionally I get in the middle and make a good lap. I have dome to depend too much on the track limits to guide me.

15-08-2015, 01:44
I noticed this at Ruapuna earlier. I'd run wide on to the grass sometimes and it doesn't invalidate the lap half the time. Still seems hit or miss if you get a cut track or not

15-08-2015, 02:08
Cut Track / Off Track System
* Enhanced Cut Track detection system – the system used to detect cut tracks is now far more accurate and 'fair'. Many tracks were reworked to address specific issues where the cut track detection was either too loose or too strict. Players will no longer receive warnings for driving off track in the grass and other surfaces when not actually gaining time by doing so.

Could that be the reason?

15-08-2015, 02:20
Could that be the reason?

I gained a tenth or 2 on the fast left hander before the haitpin at Ruapuna

15-08-2015, 02:24
Did you still have 2 wheels on the track? If not, you could post a video if you think you gained time and the devs could look into that.