View Full Version : Please Don't wait for Microsoft to releasing DLC on Ps4 and PC

Racer Pro
15-08-2015, 15:25
you have info on August DLC and August free car ? P.S. please SMS dont make ps4 and pc owner have to wait for microsoft for releasing the DLC on ps4 and pc this time.

15-08-2015, 16:08
Strange, MS used to be quite quick at releasing patches and content, much faster than Sony last gen anyway.

Unless pcars is a really odd product for them... I feel bad for the xbox folks, I was a heavy 360 gamer last gen, now PC but the xbox one users have been waiting quite awhile, retention must be rough over there.

15-08-2015, 17:39
I agree you guys should get the DLC, no sense in waiting for us poor buggers! Don't see what difference it would make, i'd be happy to get both 3.0 and the DLC same time.

15-08-2015, 18:09
Even though I'm an Xbox gamer, I couldn't agree more to be honest. I imagine there is a reason why it can't be released sooner on the other platforms but I can't say I'd lose sleep over PS4 and PC getting it before. Hell, they get the patches before us Xbox users, MS have been very thorough, or slow (take your pick) with patches for the One.