View Full Version : Need Rescue !!!

15-08-2015, 16:29
Great Sim, but I have an issue specific to Project Cars it boots me out after playing for 5 minutes with this Error Message:

unhandled exception trapped. EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0x97664853. Reading from Address 0xda9d2290. Thread 0x000004a8 Build SMSARI.20150807.1073.BLDA000v

Kindly please advise, rescue

15-08-2015, 16:31
Try to verify the files integrity~1st. Go to Steam - pcars properties - files and press verify integrity cache or something like this

x ImJakeyy
15-08-2015, 17:14
What you need to do is go to THIS THREAD (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?21981-Unhandled-Exception-Trapped-Unable-to-Play)

And post your DBG file, to do that go to your Documents folder > Project CARS > dbgSession, then a folder in there will be the correct date and time you loaded the game on the session it crashed.

WinRAR or WinZip the correct folder, and then place the file on Dropbox, google Drive, or even attach it via this forum.

The team can help you via the files in their, with all you said they can't do anything