View Full Version : Improved rain effect is great but...

15-08-2015, 17:12
First of all, many thanks to SMS for the improved window rain effect

But still I have one complain that should be fixed/updated for pCARS.
When I drive in a bad weather, AI cars don't turn on their headlights. It is very hard to know there the AI car is because of that.
Some people says that AI lights are turned off because of the performance issue, but I think not.
Because AI cars turn on their lights regardless of the weather if the time of the day is night.

So please can you make the AI cars to turn on their light in a poor weather conditions? ;)

15-08-2015, 17:21
Because headlight with rain will impact where as lights at night without rain won't

No.. I mean, they turn on the headlights at night WITH a rain :)

Roger Prynne
15-08-2015, 17:34
No.. I mean, they turn on the headlights at night WITH a rain :)

That's a good point actually.

15-08-2015, 17:45
Having had a chance to look at the new weather effects on triples as my DK2 is pretty much in the doghouse after the latest patch, I think the improvement is amazing, does it look 100% real - well no, but a massive leap forwards, with the wipers clearing the glass and the rain running up the screen with speed. I'm sure it can and will get better but as a step forwards it's a big one.

Couldn't tell if it was repetitive, I was too busy avoiding all the other cars!

But one thing I would say is if you watch water running it does tend to gather and take the same paths unless something physically disrupts it, so it should be somewhat repetitive, watch the rain running down your windows next time, there tend to be a few paths where all the rain converges on.

15-08-2015, 20:06
AI turn their headlights on waaayyy too late, even when it's not raining. Was discussed a bit on the WMD portal.