View Full Version : Fun tour nights

16-08-2015, 00:04
Hello everyone since i just got project cars its been an amazing game since i gotten it and i was thinking about hosting point nights where i host a huge race every sunday,tuesday and fridays and points will go towards a standings chart i make and the winner will go on my hall of fame for each week. if you think this is a great,good,or bad idea reply to this OR messege my gamertag superman8900 if you're interested. it would be fun.

17-08-2015, 09:54
I think there are enough Leagues out there already ;-)

17-08-2015, 15:08
Sounds good, i can't commit to leagues on weekdays or can really commit to them at any time actually...
A more of a casual standings chart for races every few days would be ideal for someone like me.

I noticed your platform is PC... are you planning to host this on Xbox since it's in the Xbox One Section? :)