View Full Version : T300 accelarator pedal drop out

17-08-2015, 12:14
Hi Folks,

I've noticed that my throttle pedal on my T300rs is 'dropping out' while playing project cars. Not for long, I'm talking 0.5 of a second or so. Just enough for my to notice....

Very random. No idea if it's a hardware or software glitch.

Having a look at the T300 pedal settings, what do people use as their sensitivity for throttle / brake? I've got my dead zones as zero.

Any help mucho appreciated. :cool:

17-08-2015, 20:19
I only noticed this after my T300 broke and I went back to the DS4 controller for a bit- I was suddenly able to hit slightly higher speeds on straits and my first thought was "is this due to the T300 accelerator pedal or settings?