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17-08-2015, 17:18
I'm trying to setup some endurance races with friends and getting stuck on a few options. Can't find anything using searches so any help appreciated!

1) change grid order. Do you need to do quali or is there a random option ?
2) multi-class racing. Can I do us all in GT3 with some AI in LMP?
3) timed not laps races. Can I set a Max time for a race not just laps

I feel like I must be missing an 'advanced' options menu, but can't see it

Thanks :)

17-08-2015, 17:31
1) No user set grid order (pain in A**) , parade lap to get in order or use Quil.
2) Not sure if you can chose what the AI drives, cars or class
3) no option for timed race (Pain in A**)

17-08-2015, 17:37
So no, probably no and no...

Sounds promising.. Thanks buddy. I guess no word on future implementation?

I'm really trying to get into project cars multiplayer (and convince others fo join me ), but it's not making it easy