View Full Version : Bug in the first gt3 UK trophy event (career) with Bentley gt3

17-08-2015, 20:23
Hey ho,

I've encountered a bug in the first gt3 UK trophy event on silverstone with the Bentley continental. Training and qualifying went well, the first sprint race also.
In the second race I've pitted on lap 15 of 27, came out of the pits and suddenly the pause screen came on without pressing any button and my fanatic gt3rs moved smooth but consistent to the right and stayed in this position. In the pause screen I couldn't press any
Button or move the curser. Not with the wheel nor with the ds4 controller. I've had to shut project cars off.
After restart everything worked, but I didn't try the long race because it's too late.

The session length was at 100 percent und neither the wheel nor the ps4 were overheating

Development team, could you please look into this?

If you need further informations, feel free to ask.