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17-08-2015, 21:43
The silly Lotus 98T poem amused enough of you guys, so here's some more waxing poetic about another of the more absurd racing cars in history. :)

'Twas 1963, in the year of our lord,
Enzo Ferrari was selling to Ford.
No longer fancying road legal rides,
What he started that year, was a turning of tides.

After numerous audits and factory tours,
The old Italian started the fiercest of wars.
He did a 180, all at once, overnight,
Pulled out of the deal, it seemed, just for spite.

Henry Ford Jr, furious, that day,
Said, "We'll teach him to race, the American way."
Ferrari's were royalty, the fastest on Earth,
And Ford sought to beat him, on his very own turf.

A young man named Shelby, as crazed as they come,
Just loved to race cars, because god, it was fun.
Ford found this young man, an expert in fast,
Said, "We're goin' to Le Mans, and we can't finish last."

With a few disappointments, a couple false starts,
Ford regrouped back home, with hate in their hearts.
A car 40 inches tall, with a four-twenty-seven,
They finally had found, sweet horsepower heaven.

So they went back to France, to teach Enzo some manners,
And pair the checkered flag, with the Star Spangled Banner.
It was only the start of a victory spree,
When those ludicrous Fords finished one, two, and three.

It seemed so unfair, and bred some new rules.
"No more huge engines! You played us for fools."
In the face of adversity, Shelby just laughed,
"You think I can't make a small-block that goes just as fast?"

With great vindication, and Italian tears,
Ford won it again, for another three years.
The annual beating, it just wasn't fair,
Ford boasted with pride, "Any time. Anywhere."

The endurance series, no longer the same,
A new class of car, with a crazy new name.
Each year some new madness, bringing all of the hype,
We saw at long last, the Le Mans Prototype.

Ferrari was desperate, spending all of his money,
Shelby just laughed, "You started this, buddy."
The old man was beaten, he knew he was through,
Schooled at Le Mans, by the red white and blue.

Embarrassed, dejected, the race no longer fun,
Said, "eff this noise guys, let's just go race F1."
Ford, satisfied, with the war they had won,
Said, "Let's go home now, boys. Our work here is done."

18-08-2015, 01:08
That was great! Who would have thought I would learn anything from a poem too :p

18-08-2015, 02:19
American muscle.

18-08-2015, 02:55
Very well done. thanks for that :D