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17-08-2015, 22:36
hi Folks,

as i do not have enough time for exploring on my own, i wanted to ask you what is the fastet way to get a drive for the 24 hrs of le mans. Im a massive fan of this race and unfortunately it is not really possible to represent this race in custom race Weekend or at least it doesnt satisfy me. then i would also be interested how to get a drive for the r18 etron most specifically, if possible :D thx in advance

17-08-2015, 22:41
In GT class cars I think you need to complete or win a couple seasons before you get the invitational. If you want to drive the E-TRON I assume you need to sign the endurance contract. Hopefully after the 3.0 update there should be contracts for the DLC cars but haven't yet confirmed for myself (in the middle of GT3 career).

17-08-2015, 23:47
I did:
Endurance GT season in an LMP2
Do well enough in the regional championship (not sure how well exactly you must finish as I won it),
Then you'll get into the WEC.
It's the second race in the season after Spa (no idea why as it should be the 3rd WEC event after SILVERSTONE and then Spa)
My singular complaint about the sim is the WEC career. I would have thought it would have to have been more realistic to use that name. Silverstone and Nurburgring are both in game, yet absent from the WEC season curiously, and sorry, but the WEC will never race Bathurst.

Now, am I thankful to be able to do timed, multi class events? Shoot yeah I am. Am I stuck post le Mans wondering wether to finish the WEC season with weird races (Bathurst) or wait to see if custom timed events actually make their way into solo weekends so I can make my own? Yeah kinda.

17-08-2015, 23:53
As for how to get to le Mans in the e-tron, I'd like to know the same thing for next June. I figure if I'm already wearing Audi gloves in the Clio, then I must be at least doing some testing with the good Doctor U. and company.

18-08-2015, 13:58
At the moment the devs have not confirmed if the etron has a contract in the endurance series in career. It does in the lmp1 series but doesn't in Endurance series

19-08-2015, 04:55
You can drive the Audi R18 E Tron in the invitational Le Mans event in career. I don't remember what unlocks the invitational but I remember receiving it around my third or fourth season. In the invitational Le Mans 24 the day/night/day cycle isn't true to life (In game the race takes place in December for some reason) and you begin the race from a standing start (Minor annoyances). The invitational event has the same AI opponents as the Le Mans race in the WEC.

19-08-2015, 09:59
I got the invitational Le Mans 24h event after completing my first complete GT4 season and you can also race the 24h Le Mans in career as part of the WEC championship. I got my contract offers (GT3, LMP2, LMP1) after winning the Euro GT3 championship.

Good luck. I'm enjoying the Endurance series very much (Y)