View Full Version : We've come along way....

18-08-2015, 08:13
For the blokes and gals over 35......... (i know it has bugs etc....but ...but.....look at what some of us used to see....):D



19-08-2015, 17:56
It's crazy that we are finally at the point at which you can look at a picture and have to do a double take because you're not sure if its a screenshot or a photograph.

My very first racing game was Top Gear on the Super Nintendo. Just YouTubed the game's sound track....boy talk about a trip down memory lane. It's 22 years old now. And it can be played on your internet browser...


John Hargreaves
19-08-2015, 18:02
Does anyone remember 'GeneRally'? It was a little top down racer where you could design tracks in MS paint, it had tyre wear and pitstops too.