View Full Version : Congrats on the track cutting fixes!

18-08-2015, 12:51
Since Patch 3.0 I did a lot of laps in TT mode, not because I am competitive, but because I enjoy trying to drive the cars as fast as I can, and comapre their times.

Before Patch 3.0 a lot of places could be cut (by mistake, trying to brake later, and outbraking myself, etc...) without penalty.
With Patch 3.0 its a lot better, I even purposely tested it just to see how it is.

What I noticed:
Track limits are much stricter. :yes:
When I do a corner, for example accelerating through the inner curb, I can get a penalty, when I go over it slowly I do not get a penalty, that is also very nice. :yes:
Spinning out, and rejoining does not invalidate my lap, yet in the same place when I go faster it does. :yes:

I do not know how the new system works (and it should not be explained I think), but I even tried to trick the system, to see how it works, and it did work, I got the penalty.

So for me, what I experienced so far, the new system is just spot on.
I am sure there might be thigs to improve, but since I race on the road mainly (and not on the grass), I did not experience any issues about the new system, its much stricter, yet more forgiving.

A big applause to the guys who worked on it.