View Full Version : Time trail question and other things (2.5-3.0 patch)

18-08-2015, 14:52
What iīve notice:

Driving Free trail on Monza with mine GT3 McLaren, i īve notice few thing, car handle different, no way to get 46 times, the track limitations are even stricter, so, can someone explain me this:
"The rules enforcement gets progressively stricter from Free Practice to Race to Time Trial"....FP and TT get even stricter limitations were qualy and race get like"lighter"version of these limitations?

If thatīs so-wereīs the point in that?? During FP, Qualy and race iīve always drive one line, thatīs the best for me, lap times and winning races proves that, and iīve never got 5sec when i hit the first chicanes on Monza, with half car over the first cerb, then the second lefthander as well with half of the car on a cerb, no penalties no nothing, Time Trail, the same line got me a invalid lap (??!!)... Is Free Practice or TT more importatnt then Qualy or race?? And the handling of the car is different then we race online!! Why is that?

Leader board on TT:

The leader board should be better organized then this current one. How? It can be that youīre putting GT3 McLaren on a same board with an McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail which is 10/11/12+ seconds faster then the GT3 Mclaren?? I dont own that Mclaren GTR, it must be purchased if iīm not mistaking, sooo how can this Monster share the same leader board with less powerful cars?? Should every class have itīs own leader board for better racing and competition....

AND: why is forbidden to set up the gearbox for Pagani Zonda in TT?

PTG Baby Cow
18-08-2015, 20:42
I beleive the reason for the different restrictions for invalid lap in a race vs in tt is during a race you may have been shunted or missed your line because you were racing wheel to wheel and went off ever so slightly the penelty can really ruin a race for you and even others and it really wasnt your fault. during tt you are out there alone and racing for the best possible time, noone can cause you mistakes or to drive off your line other than yourself so they are more strict about using more of the track. i believe qual should be similar to tt etc, however may not be as you still have others on the track with you.

19-08-2015, 00:54
In real life, the race director determine the track boundaries, sometimes they are easy going other times very strict. Mostly based on exciting racing. Being too restrictive discourages certain moves, being too lenient can lead to dangerous moves.

It would be cool if you could choose your restrictions and the AI would adhere to them and for multiplayer. TT I can appreciate the strictest of limitations to level the playing feild and encourage very precise laps.