View Full Version : Loosing quality when editing?

19-08-2015, 05:32
As above, usually use PowerDirector 11 full but thought I'd try the trial of PowerDirector 13 to see if it was any better, which it isn't in terms of quality. This clip below was recorded with Nvidia Shadowplay on the highest quality then edited in PD13 and rendered at 1080p 60fps using the H.264 codec. But as you can see the quality is nowhere near that of what I actually get in game, even the raw Shadowplay footage is much better than the final output. I know YouTube degrades it also but even before uploading there is a difference in quality between the raw Shadowplay footage and the footage that has been output by PowerDirector. Looking for some workflow tips to make this game footage look good on YouTube, I know 1080p is not ideal but that's all I have at the minute.


Roger Prynne
19-08-2015, 13:19
Looks like your driver animation is going wild as well with all the changing gears out of sequence.

19-08-2015, 13:41
Not sure what that's about tbh, will check the original as it might be YouTube messing it up.

19-08-2015, 20:45
I also get this animation issue. I think it's related to me using a shifter? th8a. As for ShadowPlay, I noticed my in-game is constantly 60 fps, but when checking out the footage, at times it seems below that. I'm using the default bit-rate which is 50, perhaps that's the problem? as for youtube, I re-sample my videos before uploading them. It never looks as good as a Jonz's video, but nice enough, I guess.

26-11-2015, 16:22
I use pd 14, and i don't see any difference in quality.
I record my gameplay with a elgato hd60 at 40mbps, and then produce it with pd at 28mbps. (Both at 1080p60fps).

11-12-2015, 10:57
Yeah, that always happens for me. With quality in game being best > captured footage file > rendered file after editing > youtube video. In that time, it's being compressed twice so you end up loosing a lot of quality. And I always find that other peoples videos look better than your own, no matter what you do lol. Guess it's either a placebo effect as you're always seeing your own footage and settings, and comparing that to someone elses. Or they are actually using better render settings for quality and dealing with the final file sizes :P