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19-08-2015, 09:47
This affects so many things including FFB and varies from car to car but Im still trying to find what works best as a starting point. At default /1080? I was lowering most cars steering ratio alot, using 360 set via mode every new session and calibrated in game to match I find I turn in too early and have less fine control .
I would really like to know what other people are setting their rotation to on the T300 and how you set it. I don't like changing steering lock via mode/left button every time and would prefer not to do that, can this step be avoided somehow?
Thanks in advance

19-08-2015, 10:29
900°. I adjust the steering ratio in some cars, I never change DoR via mode.

19-08-2015, 10:32
Not changed anything so default, calibrated at 900 degrees in game. Works just fine for me...Well until the paddle shifters stop working but that's another story ;)

19-08-2015, 10:41
a roadcar normally has 900° , so thats what i am using if possible.

with formula cars it's different, i think they have 270°

what i DON'T know is, if GT cars or LMPs or such have 270° as well or something in between O:-)

19-08-2015, 10:46
900°. I adjust the steering ratio in some cars, I never change DoR via mode.

This. I like very quick steering so originally I was reducing the rotation drastically via the mode button (down to F1-like levels).

After a few weeks I decided to try leaving it at the game default 900 & found that it just wasn't necessary to reduce the rotation via mode at each startup. It's rare for any of the cars to use the full lock, especially when you adjust the steering ratio in each car to your liking.

Would definitely recommend leaving it at the default level 900, although I have found in some cars that reducing the steering ratio seems to make very little difference - not sure if this is a bug or me being hyper-sensitive to steering input (which I admit I am).

19-08-2015, 11:17
I did the same in the beginning. Then I used 900°. Feels way better and the ingame wheel matches your wheel. The game adjusts the degrees automatically for the car classes. So, you don't have 900° in openwheelers for example.

19-08-2015, 11:39
Thanks for the feedback so far, on reflection its quite obvious now I made a bad choice to reduce the ratio , I changed to 360 a month ago and since recent patch I really struggled with this setting ( maybe unrelated)
As mentioned it is not realistic to have such a small rotation in most of the cars, it wasn't designed that way. I am going to reset and start over with 900°asap , guess It also means more fun time adjusting FFB again ! I hope to gain some speed back eventually

19-08-2015, 11:40
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19-08-2015, 16:15
Like mentioned b4. Set wheel for largest ratio your wheel does. Then calibrate in game. Your done. Never need to change angle per car, game does it for you so your ffb will work best this way. Use Jack Spades ffb setups globally and per car. I use T300 and every car feels amazing.